Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Another Brick (Account) in Review......

Career Builder puts their account in review (allows other agencies to vie for their business.....)
I work in the advertising world, and account reviews are more frequent than, snow in Colorado.

What is NOT frequent, however, is the head of an agency, responding to their client publically taking their business up for review. The LETTER IS HERE.

A excerpt from the letter....
"Overall, CareerBuilder's revenue shot up from $100 + million to $700 + million. Number one in share. Number one in visits. Number one in listings. C-K contributed enormously to that – all in less than 36 months. A week and a half ago they told us our performance report card would be at 100%! We were so friggin' happy!"

And, they were fired.

Interesting read, and more interesting to ponder the reaction, of client and agency.

A sociological the advertising world.

Hat tip: Cheating on England.


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