Monday, March 26, 2007

Finding An Old Gem....

Last year, Keith Richards (around this time) fell, and hit his head. He was pretty seriously injured - and required immediate surgery.

His injury bummed me out pretty bad, and like many, I followed his progress closely.

I vowed that as soon as, The Stones resumed touring I would go, no matter where it was. I told my wife, "Wherever, whenever, they play their next show - I will be front row, watching one of my last remaining musical hero's, (Keith Richards) unleash his talent on my psyche...."

The shows were announced, and they were scheduled for -- Paris & Amsterdam in August of last summer - 2006.

My trip was fantastic. Traveling solo through France and Amsterdam is a experience, and was a soul piercing piece of history. (I'm a history enthusiast, so just walking on the cobblestones and taking in the "zeitgeist" for me was surreal)- I'm planning a post of many of my pictures, which I have yet to do.

If you like Guitar, and you like The Stones - then you will dig this cut. It's Ron Wood solo band (with Keith Richards) prior to his joining the Stones. The show is from 1974. His voice is not going to win any awards, but the raw, unparalled soul, and energy, coming from these 2 guys, more than 33 years ago - is worth a listen for any fan of rock n' roll. This will give you an idea of why Keith asked his buddy "Woodie", to join the Greatest Rock n' Roll band of all time.

"Am I Grooving You?"


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