Sunday, March 18, 2007

Momentum as a GUIDE.

Momentum drives an idea, from a brain to reality.

Passion lifts momentum.
Momentum is lifted by passion.

At Lotame, we recently crossed some pretty large milestones in our development, and I'm totally excited, thrilled, and engaged.

But, I can't sleep.

I stay up at night, focused on tomorrow -- focused on "how".....focused on making sure our roadmap, stays in line with our clients needs. Noodling on improvement.

At the end of the day, that is all that matters.

After I finally fall asleep at around 3:50am, one of the following points awaken me, and guide me, to my morning coffee:

* is our vision and plan working out well, and benefiting our customers?
* is working with us easy?
* is understanding HOW and WHY we help drive our clients business to new heights, understood?
* can I perform better?
* are we hiring the right people?
* can I provide better leadership and guidance?

I hope the answer is YES to all of the above questions....but as I've learned - paranoia sometimes fuels energy - and allows us to redouble our efforts to prove a mission.......

As a sales guy, I'm 100% confident what we are building and executing on, is NEEDED, for Social Destination sites, with a keen eye on, monetization. We have heard countless times, that our company positioning, our concept - and our technology, are ahead of the rest of the market.

Soon, we will translate this into real DATA, for public consumption.

I'm tired, but I've never in my life, been so energized.

The Momentum train has stopped to pick up our folks at LOTAME, and our company has jumped aboard for the ride......

Rock on.


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