Monday, August 07, 2006

Please IDF, CONVINCE PM OLMERT that Israel's Future is NOW!

6 points to consider:

1) Hezbullah's Command and Control Center is located in Syria. Directly over the border of Lebanon/Syria in a town called Anjar, Syria. Iranian Revolutionary Guards, along with the Syrian Army, are dictating the war to Hezbullah Terrorists. IDF and Israeli Intelligence know this. Along with, most of the Western World.

2) Syria is using "donkey trains" equipped with rockets to stay off of the roads, and transport as well as ARM Hezbullah, with munitions, and equipment. Basically, Syria has continued the supply lines to Hezbullah.

3) This is a joke:
"( Speaking to members of the Knesset Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee in the Defense Ministry on Monday, Defense Minister Amir Peretz stated the current military situation “is a war, not a military operation.”

The senior minister added that if diplomatic efforts fail, the IDF will be given approval to advance far into Lebanon and take necessary measures to halt rocket attacks."

This is a joke. Diplomatic solutions with a TERRORIST GROUP? "IF" Diplomatic solutions FAIL?

Fail with whom?

The President of Iran?

What can be negotiated?

That they will let you live as a Jew in Israel?

Will they recognize your right to LIFE?

Cmon', DESTROY this entire landscape....WAGE A WAR TO PUNISH AND DETER.
Peretz and Olmert are beginning to lose their grip on reality. Soemone needs to provide leadership in Israel. It has not been the Prime Minister who has been courageous and inspired, as of August 7th, 2006. This is profoundly sad.

4) Information from Captured Hezbullah Terrorist can be found HERE.
Basically, let me sum it up for you. The entire fighting force of Hezbullah was trained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard In Tehran.
"Here is the latest info obtained from Mahmoud Ali Suleiman who was captured in the last days by the IDF in Lebanon.

Suleiman was part of the Hizballah terrorist squad that cross the border and attacked the IDF jeeps that was the start of all this about a month ago.

According to Suleiman their were 100 terrorists involved in this attack. It was not a handful of terrorists, it was a large force of terrorists including a group that was armed with anti tank rockets that were to take out any tanks that might have come to the rescue."

Response by Israel?


5) Chemical Weapons: Intelligence has learned that Hezbullah has equipped rockets and missles with Chemical Weapons and will use them if, "their backs are up against the wall."

To Mr. Olmert, "let the IDF put their backs, not up against a wall, but firmly..... UNDER THE GROUND. 6 feet underground. Not up against a wall."

6) The IDF Generals, and military Brass are FURIOUS at Prime Minister Olmert and his cabinet. Politics have impeded victory. This is a DISASTER. A disaster tha twill prove more costly than any of us can imagine.

I have tried NOT to condemn Prime Minister Olmert.

But, it is getting harder by the day.

Yoni is the MAN. The inspiration for this piece came from one man. YONI.

Israel and JEWS across the world are depending on Israel, NOT TO capitulate, and start to, WAGE A WAR OF SURVIVAL.

If Israel does not do start to, LET THE IDF LOOSE......and crush Hezbullah and Syria, then the future for all Non-Muslims, worldwide is bleak.

See, you are a dhimmi.

If Hezbullah feels victorious, and wins this round against Israel (winning means that they survive, and are able to fight another day) -- the energy and passion to, "KILL JEWS AND CHRISTIANS", across the globe,just got a shot of adrenaline -- and added vigor.

Time for Olmert to step up, and ACT LIKE A BRAVE SOLDIER, ON BEHALF OF THE....... FREE WORLD.



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