Saturday, August 05, 2006

Emergency Update

"I just have been informed that a rocket has hit 28 miles north of Tel Aviv; this is the most southern missile strike that has occurred.

Israel must hit Syria now, not wait until Tel Aviv is hit.

If Tel Aviv is hit then Israel must hit Damascus and Teheran.

From Yoni.

This is what must be done.

It must be done for survival.

The present.
The past.
The future.


Put on your "proverbial seatbelts" because a World War has been declared on the entire Western way of life, and value system.

Whether you support Israel or not, let me be clear to YOU.

They hate YOU - and have declared war upon all Non-Muslims.

This is NOT ABOUT Israel only.

It is about deciding when to confront EVIL.

The time is NOW.


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