Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Comment from Belgium.....

In a previous post that I wrote while in Amsterdam, a comment was posted by a reader in Belgium. His name is Ryan.

This post will be a opportunity to answer his questions, regarding two very valid points that he made.....

I encourage you in the very least to read Ryan's viewpoint which is linked to below. My attempt will be to answer him, and offer a differing opinion.

My post can be found HERE:

His response is HERE:

The comment was great. Let me firstly, thank RYAN (who has a blog which is HERE.) for taking the time to leave some of his thoughts on this blog.

As Fred Wilson frequently says about blogging -- "it is a conversation, NOT a diary."

There are 2 parts of Ryans comment that I want to address:

1) The intentions of the USA, and his views about America
2) Muslims - and "degrading" a religion

Ryan writes - from his comment:

"But what I don't believe is the overwhelming good intention of the USA. I do not believe that USA is a country that only believes in doing good in the world. USA - like any other country - looks after number one. USA is not an ultruistic country.

I don't believe that America is any better than Europe at 'doing good' - whatever that may mean. To think that America - and it is easy for me to say this of course, because I am not an American - is the saviour and liberator of the free world, is flawed. I would no more trust the leaders of the States than I would that of my own country."

Let's address the intentions of the USA.

I agree with much of Ryan's point. The American Government is looking after its own interest, and should....


Prior to 1990, there was a "alternative" to America's power. Countries had a choice, (like European nations) to determine if they wanted to agree with the USSR, or the US.

There was a "balance" and point/counterpoint to nearly EVERY GLOBAL ISSUE. Human rights, Nuclear Weapons, Communism, Wars, Aggression, Middle-East......

Often times, countries voted based on "patronage", or, being a "client state" to either the US, or USSR.

That balance is gone.

Now, instead of having 2 superpowers with conflicting goals, you only have ONE 800 hundred pound gorilla.

That is the United States.

My conclusion is simply based on the following:

History is the ultimate judge. And, based on recent history (last 100 years) - Europeans, NOW HAVE THE BENEFIT to judge, offer opinions, and EVEN HATE the USA.

I love that. I love that Europeans, from the French to the Dutch, to the Swedes - have the FREEDOM TO DESPISE, argue, and offer differences - and alternative views, to the United States interests.


You see our "interests" were in saving Europe. And, the basic fact that Europe has the freedom, and ability to be independent of the US and USSR, speaks volumes, and IS A TESTAMENT TO MY FAMILY MEMBERS (UNCLES AND FATHER IN LAW) WHO SERVED IN WORLD WAR TWO -- to defend the interest of the US - but mostly to, SAVE EUROPE from the Nazi's.

Here is a question I posed to many Europeans in the last few days:

"If you had to make a split second decision to determine your countries "place in the world, and allies" for the next 100 years --- would you rather have your countries future placed alongside Germany & France? Or, would you stand with the United States?"

Not ONE PERSON in Holland answered, "Germany or France."

I asked more than 10 people that very question.

People in FRANCE when asked, did not say they wanted to be aligned with Germany over the United spite of the supposed, "anti American slant."

They said, begrudingly, "The United States."

My point is that, in today's "lense of life" it is easy to judge, what we think is right.....but more often than not -- history will be the judge.

To my European friends, our country has made many mistakes in our past. No one is perfect. But, more often than not - HISTORY has made the determination, (over the past 200 years, and especially where Europe is concerned) that we (America) have earned the respect, to have had "statistical significance" -- to prove to our friends (allies) across the ocean -- that our views and interests have been correct and righteouess, more than wrong, and self serving.

Clearly, Germany has been on the wrong side of history's gavel. (WW 1 & WW 2)

I believe France is as well, concerning their behavior towards their supposed allies. France has consistently thwarted American interests around the world.....

From 3000 miles away - the United States has been more right for Europe, than wrong.

Remember this critical point.

In the most important times.

When it counts the most.


The United States has answered the call, and, REPRESENTED EUROPE'S INTEREST IN SURVIVING THE NAZI REGIME, which required great sacrifice to the United States.

Who is Europe there for? Does any European country have the SAME WILLINGNESS, to sacrfice for their allies - in good times and bad?

Does France stand with Israel? (as an example)


Europe has a problem identifying and confronting evil.
By putting off problems, and ignoring enemies -- they seek to "appease" their aggressors, in their quest for peace, and tranqulity.

Hitler should have been engaged early on in his quest to dominate Europe. He should not have been "appeased"....

He should have been destroyed, and fought in European Armies.

Which leads me into # 2 -- Muslim's.

Coming soon to this blog.

Is my assessment off base?