Thursday, August 03, 2006

Nature of the enemy....

Not widely reported. From Yoni the blogger - a great resource.

Hizballah's Treasure
I just found out a fact that I had not known. If we remember back to the start of this war Hizballah came across the border and attacked an Israeli patrol of two Hummers killing 8 soldiers kidnapping two.

The next day Israel put a tank across the border which hit a huge anti tank IED, which killed the four man crew. Israel was not able to rescue all bodies of the crew, due to heavy fighting and the bodies being trapped in the ruble of the tank.

After Israel was forced out of the area, Hizballah surrounded the tank. Hizballah terrorist then cut off parts from the bodies i.e. arms, legs, heads to hold these body parts to exert pressure on Israel in addition to holding the two soldiers.

The west must understand the nature of the enemy in order for a victory to be achieved.


Understanding your enemy.

Critical, and important to survival.

Read YONI.


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