Monday, August 14, 2006

Distressing Post....

From Yoni the Blogger....this one rips at me. Because, he is so friggin right.

"Terror And War

Terror and War.

This is the future for Israel and the west.

It will take Israel under the weak leadership that is currently represented by all the members of the Knesset 10 years to get out of this mess. Under strong leadership it will take a war like World War 2, to cut the time frame to 6 months to remove the stain of this war.

Hizballah is shooting fire works in Beirut, to celebrate the victory.

Fatah and Hamas are talking about joining forces to fight the Zionist.

Assad of Syria has stated on Syria media that the road to return the Golan Heights to Syria is through war and not by a peace process.

So the future is Terror and War and not just for Israel and the Jewish people world wide.

No the west has signaled to Hizballah and its sponsor Iran just how weak the west is."

He is SOOOOO RIGHT. History tells you we all are all trouble.
Watch the video in the post directly below this one.
Oh man.


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