Saturday, February 04, 2006

Stones Tomorrow -- Super Bowl:

I'm more excited for the Stones tomorrow than the actual game, and I LOVE SPORTS, (love football, I'm a season ticket holder here in NY for the JETS)..but, when the Rolling Stones get to ROCK, LIVE, in my house -- coming through my stereo -- well, that's about as good as it gets.

I promise you, my kids will forget this game years from now, but they won't soon forget the THE HALFTIME SHOW -- volume, and the energy coming from my TV room, as we dance as a family -- to what my girls term..."Mick and Keef."

Fred Wilson, over at his blog - has a piece entitled "What Will the Stones Play?", it's a hoot to guess.

I posted a comment over there, on my choices for tunes -- but here is mine.

* Start Me Up
* Aint Too Proud to Beg (a salute to Motown)
* Gimme Shelter
* Satisfaction

I dont think they will play a song off their new album, "A Bigger Bang.." But,now that I said they won't, THEY WILL.

Remember watch Keith Richards do his thing - he is THE MAN. He is what I have written and termed an "Architect."

One more thing -- Paul McCartney played last year's halftime show...Stones playing this year. What about next year?

Do you know who the biggest three musical MOVERS of the 60's were, in my opinion?

**Beatles (Paul played last year's halftime shows)
**Rolling Stones (this year)
**Bob Dylan (next year) -- "You'll pay money just to see yourself with Dr. Robert"

Hope it happens. I'm going next year as it is in FLA, already got permission from THE, someone please call Mr. Robert, line it up, SELL HIM.


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