Friday, February 03, 2006

This past week, I learned and digesting alot of data from clients on a VARIETY of different fronts, and challenges.

But, Chris Jackson -- sums up what I have really learned, and modeled, and had a HARD time putting into words for a big brand, as it relates to their website, and goals.

* Evolvability
* Parallelsim
* User Experience

Evolvability -- being able to adapt and change quickly to do testing on response as well as the ultimate goal, of driving profit.

-- HUGE, does it relate and have a "place" inside the objectives for all parties?

USER experience
-- is the "changes or alterations" consistent with the brand message...? (will focusing our website on RESULTS hurt our brand image?)

This is why I LOVE BLOGS.

Learn, process, and utilize.


Thanks to Mr. Jackson.....



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