Friday, February 03, 2006

I got the A GREAT Business plan today.

It was a plan... focused, short, and to the point. I learned alot.

As a "sales guy"-- alot can be learned (and avoided) from entrepreneurs -- and their business plan assembly, and presentation. (or lack thereof)

What made this plan so unique, and actually made me stay and read the ENTIRE thing....?

One thing, clarity of message -- and understnding of precisely WHY I WAS READING IT.

He knew his audience, and he may have 3 or 4 different BP's, (one for investors, one for potential hires, one for suppliers that he may need terms from...) but, bottom line it was FOCUSED based on why I was involved, and reading it.

Questions like -

"what does this mean to you (insert client)?"

"how does this affect you? (insert client)"?

"long term implications for you (insert client)?"

"action you have to take (insert client)?"

"why YOU (insert client) need to be involved?"

It was personal and specific, and it worked.

I will be writing more on this subject, sales, and the use of email and proposals....

A common response from prospects, -- "send me a media kit, I will call you if interested..."

"send me a proposal, let me look at it"

These require different tactics -- and need to be handled uniquely.

I'm proud to say in my career, I HAVE NEVER MAILED A MEDIA KIT to a prospect.


NEVER HAVE, and for those that do, I'm sure it works...but I see it is a objection that needs to be handled. By avoiding dealing with it, you are putting off pain, (or opportunity) to another day.

More to follow on this subject.

Stay tuned.


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