Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Super Bowl....

First off, let me tell you who will win the game on Sunday.


You know why?

Because, I'm NOT betting on the game. For the 1st time in my life, I'm NOT betting anything on the Super Bowl. I'm gonna sit back, and enjoy - and REALLY watch the commercials, and not dissect coaches decisions with friends during breaks...(I might even enjoy the game)

Surely the team I like will win, because I have NOTHING on the game, right?

It's the exact same way with MEDIA consumption.

We have no financial gain in what we want (content) online, or offline...(TV, Print, Radio,Web) -- and even if you own shares (stock) in any media companies, surely no one is egotistical enough to think that THEIR viewing habits matter in moving the proverbial "needle" - or creating a win for the company benefiting.

But, the subscription model changes that.

Eventually, want we WANT will all be specific. and NOT free -- but will come with some strings. Today, those strings consist of the following, but not limited to

* advertisers wanting to reach you while viewing their content
* giving up some personal, non descript (anonymous data about you) and your habits.

In exchange we get what we want.

In a few years, you won't have to "bet" (like I did in years past to enjoy the game, but ensure losing the Super Bowl for the team of my choice) -- on getting what you want WHEN you want it from ANYWHERE ON ANY MEDIUM.

Movie Theaters will be the equivalent of how you feel about the word, "Drive In Movie Theater.."

You will get the movie (1st run) on your computer, PDA, or the combination thereof.

Radio will only play what YOU want.

Internet will be loaded for YOUR CONTENT. (you will tag what you want to see, and it will be delivered to you the moment you log on)

You won't have to go far - there won't be any journey to find what you want....

It's a winning proposition for what you desire, but a losing bet long term, just like betting.

Winning because you will get all the content you want at your fingertips.
Losing, because you will never have to learn things like the "Dewey Decimal System" -- or look in the Yellow Pages for a Plumber, or Surf the Web to discover the guy in Iran is pretty cool, or mistankenly land on a blog like this...out of your SPECIFIC CONTENT world.

Folks won't know how to "journey" -- to learn, or get info.

Pittsburgh will win, and long term we all lose the journey in the media world -- and the "fun factor" of actually working to get what we want - and the weird path by which we end up there, will be lost.

Go with Seattle. It's too confusing for a guy not betting.


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