Monday, January 30, 2006

If I had to pick ONE album to take with me -- (as of this writing) it would have to be this one. This disc, just captures a great band, at a great time....and, if albums (or Cd's) have lives , this one was mysteriously neglected by me...loved, but still not shown the TOTAL attention it deserved)

It's been in my collection for 20+ years -- has gotten respect, but until recently, NOT NEARLY THE RESPECT IT DESERVES. My apologies to the artists.

I'm talking about the Rolling Stones "Exile on Main ST".

If you are looking for ONE record that will Knock your socks/rocks off - this is it.

You can buy it, and for those that do not know the tunes - it will sound like new music.

This caputured the Stones at their height, and once again, to credit Fred Wilson, who literally made me pick it up again, after he questioned, which side is best?

If you buy the CD, you will not know that there were orginally 2 records in the sleeve with 4 sides. On the CD - it just shows AS ONE LONG CD.

I'm telling you, this is it....if you dont own it get it, you will thank it is now in FULL time rotation both in my head, and in my player.
Here is the Amazon link-- get it (if you dont own it, or get it off of ITUNES) if you need something different, and let me know after a few listens if this is not THE BEST.


Blogger pretzelgreg said...

Easily a top 5 greatest album of 70's If they were smart they shoulda quit soon after this (or Sticky Fingers) though it IS cool to still have them around.

9:50 AM  
Blogger quinn said...

Just wanna see his face....
one of those if I was marooned on a desert Island or a mysterious planet this is a double record at the top of the list.

4:42 PM  

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