Sunday, January 29, 2006

Media consumption -- and changes.

Recently, I wrote about Howard Stern, and how - since he went to satelitte radio, my listening habits changed quickly. The piece is here.........

I noticed last night in our household another significant change, in regards to TV.

My wife and are NOT rabid TV watchers. I would not say WE RUSH HOME, or schedule anything around any TV event. However, with TIVO - this has changed. (we actually make time to watch the things WE LOVE)

My favorite show is called "The Office" - however *(british version linked) - this show kills me.

I can watch the five episodes I missed, in one night - and enjoy every single one, and still yearn for more after a 2.5 hour digestion of the show.

The show is a riot, I highly recommend it.

However, 2 main "consumption points to make" in regards to how it affects my household behavior -- the ability to TIVO..

** I'm not watching Saturday night programming.
** Not watching ANY commericals (you can avoid those altogether, when you TIVO)

So, in a span of a few months, (between satellite radio and DVR/TIVO) our household's interaction with media had really changed.

Can you imagine, as we can pick our content from EVERY MEDIUM - EVERYWHERE, suddenly, the ability to target (from a advertiser perspective) changes radically as well..

In our area, we have a "Mr. Fix it Guy" -- (I'm sorry to admit I am seriously deficient, when it comes to repairing anything around the house, he comes and fixes leaks, paints, and even helps hang new chandeliers) -- but, that same kind of guy could be the ........

"Mr. Media Consumption Changer Guy"

What does that mean?

A professional guy to come in and set up all your new gadgets for a fee, and teach you how to use.

For instance (to name just 3)

* Satellite Radio

Many people (sometimes me) are intimidated about setting up new technology, and this job could be for a retired, "gadget guy" - who gets it, can teach, and enjoys helping others.

I'm telling you, I am in Advertising, and if I saw one of those type "sheets" hanging in my local grocery store - I might have not only given it a second look, but called and had him do it all to help me.

Just like media convenience, we are looking for "gadget ease" -- and this is a crucial void for folks that are "late adopters..." (and there are many)

Change of Behaviors and Needs -- I think is another recipe for that million dollar idea...and now it's your's free for reading this blog.


Blogger Rob said...

Andy - Welcome to the wonderful world of Tivo. I'm a veteran with 5+ years of ownership of a series 1 unit.

What kills me the most is the poor marketing of this product in the early years (I still have a bunch of ideas for them, unfortunately they won't listen). Everyone who stopped by and actually saw it in action at my home was instantly addicted. I give it as my standard wedding gift because I know it's something that will be almost as life altering as getting married.

I hope Tivo can make it with the competition from the cable companies dvrs.

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Rob Pepper said...

You should really check out the Betamax. It's new, it's hot and it will change the way you watch Family Ties.

8:30 PM  
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