Friday, February 03, 2006

A fascinating aspect of Client Relations ***

One of my greatest learning in sales, is NEVER ask a salesperson to do what you (as a leader) would not do yourself.

Easier said than done.

Getting on a call, going the extra mile, doing the intense follow up.

Sale Leaders should ONCE IN A WHILE get in the trenches.

And NO. This does NOT mean going on a call or two because you are in town for the day. It does not mean, getting the "high level view" from your largest client, or opportunity. It does NOT mean going to every "boondongle" to hob knob with industry leaders. It does NOT mean, only going on 1st calls with prospects.

It means hanging with the people that get the most done on a daily basis in your sales department. Inside sales, account management, process, and "production.."

(I have been guilty of not doing enough of the above, so there is some guilt on my end as well, but being cognizant of it, and addressing it is key)

Spend a say with a sales group interanlly that YOU NEVER have.

I promise you will get a unique view of the company, and it might change the way you feel, and make you a STRONGER LEADER.


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