Friday, February 03, 2006

Unemployment at a 4.5 year low...

Competition for GOOD people across all walks of life.

No matter the industry, good employees are hard to come by.

I have found BY FAR the most successful place to "mine" for great employees.

It's a way that YOU CAN INTERVIEW them, before they actually KNOW they are being interviewed. You can pre-screen.

You can determine, without them knowing if you are interested. You can ask in-depth personal "motive questions.."

Want the secret?

It's your waiter/waitress in most good restaraunts.

These are the hardest working, sales driven, folks working today. They are sales people, and the good one's are GREAT.

The bad one's well tip em' and move on.

The good one's are all about EVERY ATTRIBUTE that makes for a great SALES PERSON. Customer service, focus, attention to detail, a smile...and making sure YOU feel comfortable.

Sounds crazy, right?

It's a gamble when a organzation says -- "we must hire with deep experience in blah, blah.."

Hello? You want ALL Retreads? You want a company full of people with prec-concieved notions of how the indusry looks, and their viewpoint on everything.

Bring in someone that YOU CAN INDOCTRINATE TO SEE THE WORLD FROM your companies perspective.
Once in a while bring in a fresh face from another industry, with good, positive energy - and a dynamic DRIVE to want to succeed.

The Hospitality, Restaraunt business is the place....

It works...


Blogger Rob said...

I agree, a great thing to see on any person's resume right out of school is a stint in a restaurant or other public servant type role.

Many don't have any real work experience yet, their academics look great, and these kinds of work experience help them with working on a team and with difficult people.

Interacting with the general public is a great way to learn people skills (especially when you rely on them for tips). Something many people graduating from college lack. The general public is great for generating great "the toughest customer situations."

While I had some great work experiences during college, I took a job cold calling for the school to raise money from alums. This job quickly blew away any apprehension to cold call ever. The value of this experience was so great I would have worked for free.

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