Friday, February 03, 2006

My sentiment on "why" I am blogging --

Credit to the great Ric Heyman:

"But when I think about why I blog, it has more to do with self-expression. While it might be exciting to discover that half the Western world was hanging on my next post, I suspect that a lot of the joy would disappear in a flurry of expectations. I think that there a lot of bloggers out there who are doing it for their own reasons, and that only a few of them relate to reaching a large audience, and/or making money."

For me that sums it up.

I am blogging because I truly enjoy it. I have been mildy successful at some of my ventures, (from owning a window cleaning business, up to helping, and assisting in the sales group... grow a major internet company that was acquired by AOL in 2004) ...

Bottom line, I love interaction. I love the "Process of Relationships", and how they develop, the trends, the challenges, the communication.

I just love it.

"Andy, why are you doing this?"

My clients ask me -- "will you share on your blog, information about us?"

The answer is YES and NO. NEVER EVER specifics...

I will always share life experiences, but it is my goal to do it in a environment which protects the identity, shares the elements, the journey, -- but emphasizes the passion.

I have NEVER been a writer.

But, surprisingly I ENJOY it.

I agree with this quote 100%, summed up nicely by Kathy Sierra.

" one of the best effects of blogs is that--because the technology makes it so damn easy for blog authors/readers/commenters--people have a chance to share their knowledge and passion with the world, and potentially make a difference in someone's life.

Blogs let the "little guy", from a cowboy horse whisperer, or a geek who can make your life a little simpler develop a global microbrand. That means they can keep doing what they love--what they're passionate about--rather than, say, working 60 hours a week elsewhere and leaving no time for doing the things that help teach, inspire, or entertain the rest of us. Because of blogs, the lone programmer or writer can create something that others will find (and potentially pay for), so the lone author can keep doing it. It means the little guy who can't out-spend the competition, can out-teach (through his blog) the Big Guys."

Welcome, thanks for reading, and make sure your seat belts are buckled, and your coffee is far from the keyboard.

If I can have the privledge of making it to your "favorite" link - your RSS feed potentially, well then by golly, I WILL give it 100% to meet expectations of..... MYSELF.



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