Friday, February 03, 2006

Why Yahoo! Will Dominate (2)

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of sitting in with a Major (offline/online) Brand -- to hear, and take in, a Yahoo! sales presentation.

First off, without revealing any names -- let me say this guy was a STUD.

What is a SALES STUD?

A "Sales Stud" - is a person you WANT to buy from.
A "Sales Stud"- is someone who sells you, WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING you are buying. (or being sold)

A Sales Stud- is someone who focuses on his clients business, and their objectives --MORE THAN HE is trying to MAKE A SALE.

A Sales Stud - is a person who does their homework, and makes every single slide in a visual presentation easy to read, and does not clutter ANY PAGE.

A Sales Stud - asks a ton of questions, (even when in a large audience) to make sure that his attendees, "get it."

A Sales Stud - is self effacing, and can poke fun at himself.

A Sales Stud - uses the clients name TEN TIMES, for every time he mentiones his company's name.

A Sales Stud - only talks about his company when making a point, or emphasizing a particuliar aspect of ONE THING - NOT the big picture stuff, that is always reserved for the "client big picture thinking - painting the picture of win FOR THE CLIENT..."

A Sales Stud - soft closes, ask for the money, but knows when to "back off" and go another route. He also, "throws out a anchor" - meaning, he does not settle for a little $$$ budget, but asks for a TON of money... but, will, if pushed hard to back off the large amount.... settle in (dollar value) to, PROVE VALUE.

A Sales Stud - is sincere. He does not know how to be phony.

A Sales Stud - immediately follows up.

A Sales Stud -- is less than 4% of sales people. There are 96% of all sales people who can make a decent living, even hit some grand slams -- and be mildly successful. And, that's good. The 4% of sales hires, are who every sales leader looks to hire, and develop - and most of all HELP BUILD THE COMPANY. These sales people enjoy their jobs, are confident, because they know their worth. They have fun, but the confidence lies in the fact that they can get any sales job (because they can sell) -- and in EVERY SALES CALL THE POSITIVE KARMA FLOWS, and it's felt....

Clients feel it, and love it.

DOES NOT matter if a SALES STUD is selling a big brand, or a door to door guy. I'm all about good, kind positive energy....110% of the time, when the "lights are on" (in front of a client) - and only 99% of the time when you are OFF STAGE, - (in front of your peers) -- (and a Sales STUD knows when his product has "no legs" and has the insight to move on to greener pastures, ie. a different company or market....a sales stud RARELY will HANG ON and go down with any ship, or watch a ship go lifeless, like a sailboat that has no wind to generate power -- a sales stud wont stay around to watch the boat flutter in the water, directionless)

I said I would not use names, but I will use initials - RK, of Yahoo! my hats off to you, for being a professional -- and part of the 4% that sales people all aspire to be in.....

I'm buying more Yahoo! stock, and it's because I was convinced in the future of the company, BY A SALES GUY.

He was selling media to his prospects, not stock advice.

I'm bullish - because of the SALES dominance of ONE sales guy.

RK. Take a bow. You can work with me anytime, on any project anywhere.


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