Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thinking about Philip Balhasan.

My heart goes out to this family, who lost their Dad, in Monday's bombing in Tel Aviv...This strikes a MAJOR cord, inside of my soul.

"Philip Balhasan's relatives said he traveled to Tel Aviv with his two children, Linor and Uri, after promising to buy them CDs and computer games for Passover. The family was apparently standing next to the fast food stand at the time of the explosion.
Balhasan, who was still conscious, yelled out to his son to grab his cellular phone and call his mother to inform her of the attack. The son, Uri, recounted the moment of horror: "When we heard the blast, dad wrapped his arms around me and Linor and hugged us tightly. Then he said 'grab the phone, call mom and tell her about the attack.'" Shortly thereafter, Balhasan collapsed, but police officers who led him to an ambulance were able to talk to him and heard him say he was hurt by shrapnel and by the force of the blast.

It appears some of the shrapnel hit Balhasan's heart and he died on the way to the hospital."

The article on the family is HERE.

My newer readers, this is especially heartbreaking for my wife and I -- it strikes at us, in unspeakable ways...

We were involved in a suicide bombing in Jerusalem.

That story is HERE. (click here.)

My heart goes out to the Balhasan family.