Thursday, April 13, 2006

First 100 days of Blogging.

Guy Kawasaki has a fantastic piece about his observations on his first 100 days in the blogging arena.

That piece is HERE.

It inspired me a bit.

That's one of the beauties of writing a blog. You can read other bloggers that you respect, and enjoy reading -- and it can inspire a post.

That's what happened here.

First off, I started blogging because I'm a horrendous writer. I'm much more social, and I love SOCIAL interaction far more than hitting a keyboard. I also am beginning to enjoy, expressing myself, through writing. It's refreshing.

However, I have tried NOT to make this blog about me. It has been about my ideas, thoughts, experiences, and passions....but in some weird way -- NOT about me.

Sounds weird, and even weirder to type - but true. (Conscience effort NOT to use the word, "I" too much, although this post has ALOT of "I" (s)....)

Blogging has allowed me to come in contact with people who I never knew, and people who I knew long ago.

Blogging has made me come in contact with VERY FAMOUS people -- and receive emails from some of my "musical heros"...that I've never even dreamed of. (hint: a quick 4 line email about the title of this blog from it's author, and originator) ...

Very inspiring.

I love spending some portion of the day thinking about what to write about.

That "question" (about what to write about) in my mind is AWESOME. It's new for me, and it actually makes the brain waves work REALLY well. It pushes creativity.

Speaking of CREATIVITY.

Thanks to many of you who have sent emails, comments, and insights.

As Fred Wilson says, "this blog IS NOT a diary, it's a discussion.." --

Ultimately, I'd really like more interaction with my readers. Comments, (can be left without a name) -- but, if you see a post that might drive a comment, please do so. It keeps me going, and I REALLY love being somewhere, checking the blackberry - and reading a comments from one of my -- "creative posts..."

So, my guess is 100 days into this blogging thing, dream will be to inspire more posts from my readers.

6000 visitors in 100 days, I'm proud of that. My readership steadily grows, but, to be honest -- I hope to continue to allow folks to visit the site, and think a bit.

The thing I'm most honored by -- is that on average -- new visitors to my site, spend 3 minutes and 8 seconds on this blog.

My readers spend on average -- 1 minute and 8 seconds.

Goals for this blog for the next 100 days.

1) write good content
2) hopefully inspire more comments
3) build a more steady, realistic stream of daily visitors.

There, I shared my 100 days goals for the blog.

Thanks for reading, and now that the - "State of The Union for Andy's Blog" - is out of the way ... we can go back to writing about what's on my mind.

I'm looking forward to Day 200 for another "goal sharing" session.

Thanks for being a part of this blog, I sincerely appreciate it, and I'm looking forward to BETTER DAYS ahead....


"You ain't gonna learn what you don't want to know...."



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