Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Important Traits of Companies, and Leaders.....

Passion, Energy and Focus SELLS.

It sells prospective employees to join a new company, and it sell prospects, to become clients......

When you see someone with all three characterisitics......that is rare.

Often times, people have 1, maybe 2 of these attributes.

It is EXTREMELY rare to work with, or for, someone with equal weighting for all 3.

I have been lucky enough to choose my previous jobs.....and, I can tell you, without doubt.....that I look for all THREE -- in the following order of importance.

1) Passion
2) Energy
3) Focus

Why in this order?


Simply put, this is one trait you cannot teach. Its in you, or its not. A leader can't fake passion. Passion and love for what you have built, INSPIRES others, to go the extra mile to get the job done. But, passion is sometimes volatile. It can backfire, and ultimately come back to bite.....but, its worth the gamble. Passion is BY FAR, the most compelling reason to get up and go to work for someone, or a company that makes you FEEL ENERGY. Its all from their passion.

2). Energy - second to passion. Energy is just the complete, "gut wrenching", ability to OVEREXTEND, yet OUTPERFORM expectations. This can mean working hard and grueling hours. I associate ENERGY, with the ability to, multi-task.....and NOT be distracted when manuevering from one major issue to another. (Very different than focus) People may call it intelligence, but I call it ENERGY, both the physical aspect of raw energy....but just as compelling is the, "processing of many variables at once......".
Incredibly important......

3) Focus - Focus is very important, but can be taught.....or shifted to another employee. People that are not focused, need to be managed closely. It is identifying this.....and discussing it early on. Often times, a Board Of Directors of a company will try to assume this role, and keep the leaders FOCUSED......
Focus is BEST SERVED by surrounding "unfocused leaders" with very tactical, and efficient managers.

Passion, Energy and Focus......if you are lucky enough to possess all three, or have leaders, bosses, or clients that do----then you have the VERY KEY ingredient.......

Raw Intelligence.

And, we all know that cannot be taught.

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