Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Changes in Vacation Travel

In Beaver Creek, Colorado this week. The Skiing is awesome. Tons of snow, as well as amazing weather.

As an example, yesterday we skiied all day in typical spring conditions, up at the top of the mountain. Sunny and in the 40's.

After skiing, we sat out by the pool at the base of the Mountain, in our shorts...and it was in the high 70's.

But, a big learning happened after a great day on the slopes.

WE HAVE AN EQUAL NUMBER of BRITISH CITIZENS, in Beaver Creek Village, as we do Americans.

There is no conventions in town.

Entire families, couples, enjoying Colorado....and everywhere you turn, the unmistakable accents....

This "british invasion" peaked my curiousity.

"Why would a British Citizen travel 11 hours on a plane, when they can SKI in Switzerland or France, and it is much closer?"

Of course, I had to ask. And I did.

I felt like a reporter, investigating a story, while relaxing.

Met a family of 4 from London, and when I asked them why they came to Colorado.....the answer was simple, and direct....

The Mother told us, "We work too hard, to go to France, and get mistreated, and humiliated year after year. The French treatment of the British has gotten worse.....and we will no longer holiday in France."


Another elderly lady from just outside London, told me that the combination of the riots, as well as the general feeling of TRAVELING to France, has made her apprehensive in general about Europe.

Europe is changing.

I predict that soon, we (Americans) will begin to see MORE DATA about Europeans asking for extended Visa's as well as applying for Citizenship in the US.

Key learning for me.......

I don't think our REAL ESTATE correction, that folks have been echoing will happen in certain places.

You know why?

3 of the families we chatted with were going on to Miami, Vegas, and Scottsdale.

Common Thread that I uncovered amongst all 3 British families.

All potentially in the market to BUY a condo, or property, where they were going to in the US.



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