Wednesday, March 22, 2006 "opens" a HUGE DEAL....

Hats off to my ex-mates at

Jay Weintraub has a EXCELLENT, well written post, on one of the largest deals on the internet to date...

Jay's piece is HERE, CLICK HERE and it's really worth the read.

I enjoyed learning of this deal for a variety of reasons...but one you won't read ANYWHERE else is the following.

The Lead Contact on this deal for -- is a great salesperson. He is passionate, articulate, and he understands the client's business and needs -- inside and out.

This distinguishes (see my definition of a sales stud) him from many people on the internet, and not just in sales. He stayed with it...FOR YEARS. He provided value. He CREATED VALUE.

Hats off to the entire team at for "opening", one of the largest deals on the internet yet....


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