Sunday, March 12, 2006

Internet Data and Advertising Online...

I've been bullish on the concept, created by Seth Goldstein -- called

Root's site is HERE.

Well, a writer for the NY Post wrote a piece about them...

I believe this is a HUGE part of the future of Advertising, both online..and whatever the future brings.

Here is the story in the NY POST.

Good quote.." March 10, 2006 -- An Internet start-up is betting that spam-besieged Web surfers would be willing to trade some personal information for e-mail ads they'd actually be interested in.
Start-up firm Root Markets is developing an Internet exchange that would connect consumers and advertisers.

The first step is a new service, called Vaults, that lets users store their own Internet usage and share it with others."

Watch this company, a great concept coupled with a CLEAR MESSAGE - will create tremendous value, for both consumers and advertisers alike...


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