Friday, March 10, 2006

Growing up in East Brunswick, NJ - we were pretty much "wedged" in between New York City, and Philadelphia.

It was nearly equidistant to go to both major cities.

In the 70's, that meant a WIN for a little kid, in terms of Television watching, and programming.


Because, we got BOTH New York TV stations, as well as Philadelphia.

I got to watch Channel 6 News in Philly, and then - Roger Grimsby on Ch. 7 in NYC.

I also got to watch DOUBLE sports. Phillies, Mets, Flyers, 76'ers, Knicks, and Islanders, Eagles, Giants and Jets...(2 cities sports teams)

How many kids in the country on a daily basis could choose (before satellite TV, remember the was the late 1970's) - - the amount of sports by different teams, on a nightly sports/by team?

It was surreal.

I knew it was great, when I went to my grandparents house, who lived a few towns away..when I said, "what do you mean I can't watch the Phillies, you don't get WPHL (the Phillies Station) here?"

Prodding and guidance by my Dad, and the fact that the Phillies broadcast into my house on a nightly basis, made me a Philadelphia Phillies fan.

I'm probably the only guy who likes both the Mets and Phillies, as they are in the same division and compete with each other...that's not suppose to occur, a kid liking teams considered, "enemies."

One of the best aspects of having BOTH sports teams (NYC and Philly)-- was that as a avid sports fan, I got to see GREATNESS displayed daily.

Steve Carlton, Mike Schmidt, Larry Bowa, Stevie Henderson, Willie Montanez, Tug McGraw,Ron Reed, Felix Millian, John Milner, Craig Swan...these were my SPORTS HERO's growing up...

2 cities, multiple hero's.

But, to this day one guy stands out.

He was NOT a hero, he was a role player.

A utility infielder.

He came in to pitch run, pitch hit, and play once a week at second base...(giving Dave Cash a rest)...

He was never great, he was average. (in a baseball context)

His name is Terry Harmon.

But, he made a impact on me for a variety of reason.

I always marveled at, "how could a player come to the park everyday KNOWING he was not going to play, but prepare himself as though he was?"

I think about him often, to this day.

The reason I do, (think about him) is because I think of how many "Terry Harmon" type people we see in our business life?

How many people are ROLE PLAYERS, just waiting for their chance, to get off the bench, and prove their worth to their bosses, and their organization?

I've heard recently, "we need to hire good people.."

I do believe you always needs to hire good, solid people to fill jobs...

But, does your company have any Terry Harmon's?

Bet you do.

My point is, look inside...look within, ask people to step up, take more responsibility, be more of a leader -- EXPECT MORE...and you will get more, in every way.


To everyone else he was a role player, but 30 years after his retirement, he was a MVP to me.....

Thanks Mr. Harmon wherever you are, for showing me how to stay ready, prepare -- and be a "business role model" 30 years later, in regards to TAKING YOUR ROLE, no matter the size of the job, seriously.

I have no idea what Terry is doing, but I bet you he is successful.

Terry's Stats.


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