Monday, March 06, 2006

Satellite Radio, and Changes in Consumption..(Part 2)

Earlier, I wrote about how Satellite Radio has radically changed my interaction with terrestial radio. That piece is HERE.

Basically, I ave NOT listened to AM/FM radio since Howard Stern has arrived at Sirius.

I've had Sirius for over a year, but it was HOWARD STERN's arrival that got me more involved in their programming, and other content.

It seems I'm not alone.

This past weekend, while on a skilift in Vermont, I got to spend some time on a slow lift, with a radio executive from Clear Channel.

Let me just say, "OH BROTHER."

The radio industry is in a WORLD of TURMOIL right now, as Advertising rates, programming, and the CHANGE IN MEDIA consumption is underway.

I said to him, "You know, since I got Sirius, I've not gone back to my AM or FM presets in the car, 104.3 here in NYC, or 880 AM....I stay on Sirius, I LOVE MY PRESET CHANNELS, and love to "discover" new stuff once in a while..."

He was stressed.

His response -- "Don't tell, but me too. I love Satellite Radio, and I'm doing the same thing.."

Subscribers are low today, (3+ mill for Sirius) -- but, as the barriers come down to own a reciever, and it becomes EASIER to implement ACROSS, auto/house/work....the radio industry is in trouble.

And, it took Howard Stern to START this revolution....(it had begun before he started at Sirius, but he clearly KICK started the awareness) -

I've got 2 words when it comes to Terrestial Radio.

Horse and Buggy. Horse and Buggy BEFORE the Car came out.

Think about it.


Anonymous Jay Weintraub said...

I haven't used it yet, but now that I am stuck in the LA commute, I think about it daily. Has satellite found a way to do local? If so, that would seem the nail in the coffin. People wouldn't have to flip to local for traffic, weather, and area news.

9:32 PM  

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