Monday, February 20, 2006

Stones, Google, and Behavioral Targeting...

The Beach party that I linked to in my previous post....can be found HERE

While I was on the page, reading about the RIO beach party -- I noticed a GOOGLE link on the side of the page...

The Google link (ad) said " Hear all Your Favorite Rolling Stones Songs, Live At a Simulcast Theatre Near You."

I clicked on the link, interested to see what I would find...(contextual and relevant advertising - it interested me mildly)

It brought me to THIS SITE...put in your ZIP CODE. (for the Rolling Stones)

The Stones Show (concert from yesterday in RIO), is being simulcast next Tuesday, the 28th of Feb, in a movie theater, and it is playing both in NYC, as well as, less than 10 miles from my house, in New Rochelle.

Wanna know where I will be next Tuesday night?

Here is what clinched the deal, and what the site sent me upon entering ONLY my zip code -- "REGAL NEW ROC CITY STADIUM 18 PLUS IMAX - 10 miles from YOUR ZIP CODE,
33 Le Count Place New Rochelle NY 10801"

Let me describe why this is fantastic, for the advertiser, the website that I was on -- as well as the company who facilitated -- GOOGLE.

1 - I was on a site reading about the Rolling Stones concert this past weekend in Brazil. A topic I am VERY interested in.

2 - The story was content that I desired, and choose to read.

3 - The advertising on the page was DIRECTLY relevant to the content I was on. (placed by Google)

4 - Google placed the ad, I clicked on the link.

5 - I liked the product because ALL THEY ASKED ME FOR WAS A ZIP CODE TO PROVE THEIR VALUE TO ME...(rather than ask for a ton of personal information, before I knew if they had value)

6 - I became a customer, and bought what was offered.

7 - Google facilitated the SALE, the website is happy, and the advertiser is thrilled, and the consumer (ME) is psyched.

8 - This is why Google, their data, and their future -- as well as their current valuation is amazing, and rightfully so.

The not to distant future...

What I just described to you is CONTEXTUALLY RELEVANT ADVERTISING -- meaning simply, I was on a site reading about the Rolling Stones, and I was shown Rolling Stones advertising. Simple, yet powerful.

The future, and coming quickly is BEHAVIORAL TARGETING.
Example, I'm on a site reading about SPORTS, NBA Scores, and all of a sudden I get a advertisment about THE ROLLING STONES -- because it was based on my previous behavior, (remeber I was looking at Rolling Stones information) not ONLY, the current content.

This is the difference between CONTEXTUAL and BEHAVIORAL targeting. The ability to show advertising based on previous behavior, no matter what site you are on.

Make sense?

Good, because Behavioral Targeting is the future of the internet...and the ability to show and monetize advertising in this fashion, is why the "addressiblity" of the internet has yet to even BEGIN. the market continues to evolve.


Blogger Eric Kronthal said...

I wonder when (if) the privacy fanatics will jump all over those who provide these "advanced" targeting mechanisms.

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