Saturday, February 11, 2006

Blogging next week --

Interesting week next week, as I will be posting from "across the pond" -- as in the United Kingdom.

Specifically, I will be in London, working feverishly on a project for a client...

But, here is what I think of, when I close my eyes and recall my history with London.

* The smell of Schwarma
* Texas Arizona -- great bar
* Damp and Cold
* Speaker Corner -- and VERY angry people
* Pomp and History
* HUGE Parks
* Great city

There are many more, but this is what always hits me...when the word London is said.

I plan on writing next week mostly about my experiences with the citizens I run into, and their feelings about issues that are important to me (world events, etc...) -- and their feedback. I have always found it interesting to hear from a "man on the street" - rather than some talking head, or media person, to make decisions and read a situation.

This is why blogging is so cool.

You get to hear from people that you normally would NEVER have a opportunity to come in contact with, hear lots of different viewpoints, and most of all process information from the "people, and the bottom up..." (not the top down)

I plan on asking tough questions next week, to waiters (my food will be spit on), taxi drivers (I'll get in a crash) -- and anyone else I come in contact with and can engage.

Blogging will be different next week.

Rock on.


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I really enjoy reading your viewpoint, keep up the interesting work!

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