Thursday, February 09, 2006

Fascinating Stuff.

Everyone Sells. Everyday, whether they like it or not.


Sales is convincing someone that YOU are right, convincing another, that your way is the correct way - and asking them to listen, and take action that YOU recommend and desire.

"Trust me."

"Try it"


I met someone recently who is an amazing salesperson, inside of the company she works for.

She does not want to be called a "Sales person." Not, Sales Director, not Acct Exec, not anything remotely smelling or being involved with sales.

But, she is.

She is ADAMANT, "I'm not in Sales, I don't want to be in Sales..."

Somemone, somewhere, made her believe that salepeople were the bottom of the food chain in business. And, they were not to be respected, admired, and NEVER EVER Aspire to be in the "sales group" of any organization -- or you have failed.


I love that feedback, I actually love, and respect that perception.


Because it's real. There is NO phoniness, its actual and you can feel it, taste it, and its the TRUTH from her vantage point - and she wears this "disdain for sales" on her sleeve.

"But, you are in sales - you talk to clients, generate revenue for the company, even have a goal..."

"No, I'm not in sales - call it what you want - this is not a sales job."

Do you know how many people feel this way, who are prospects, clients, -- AS WELL AS PEOPLE WHO ARE ACTUALLY IN SALES, AND SELLING - but they never say it? (they never express THEIR disdain for sales, and salepeople in general)


So many in fact, that it becomes a TACTIC for selling.

Use it. Use the fact that you, ADDRESS the differences in your sales style, to PROVE value.

Sell INTO the wind.

The 'negativo's" as I call them, end up being your BEST customers, your best employees -- and your BIGGEST FANS.


Because, in the process of "proving your value to them" -- you have sold them, and now, they dont' even know it, they don't even know they were being sold by you - and because of that very fact of NOT KNOWING YOU WERE WALKING THEM DOWN THE SALES PATH --they end up being your amongst your elite clients/prospect base.

Be unique.

Be different.

More to follow.


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