Thursday, February 09, 2006

Setting Expectations....

A "huge" in business, life and relationships.

There are a few ways to describe this:

* properly setting goals and vision
* executable and deliverable options
* what will transpire
* a roadmap of "if X, then y."

Problem is, when PERCEPTION and EXPECTATIONS are misaligned, little matters.

Case in point.

The Islamic world.

This is a MESS. A MESS that we need to confront, challenge - and NOT be afraid to discuss issues....of expectations for both parties.

But, there is such a MISALIGNMENT of perception, where to begin?

Watching the rioting and destruction over this cartoon horrifies me.

Will we be UNABLE to discuss perception issues moving forward, out of fear of retribution and violence from the Islamic community?

Will the real issues now NEVER get discussed openly?

Our country stands for freedom, and the freedon to express and share ideas and opinions is what seperates us from many countries of the world.

This rioting, and the general reaction of the press in the Western World has sickened me, almost as much as the riots itself. Many press outlets REFUSE to show, and publish the Danish cartoon in question. THAT IS NEWS.

We have gone down a slippery slope, and allowed it.

Hey, NY TIMES -- "paper of record" print the cartoon - and let your intelligent reader's judge for themselves if it is offensive.

Sorry, this just bothered me a bit.


Anonymous BB said...

Newspapers have to protect their reporters located in dangerous places. I can understand why an editor of the NYTimes would not publish the cartoons - it would put their people in danger. Small time newspapers without oversees presence and bloggers don't have the same problem. Remember when there was jubilation in the Palestinian area of the West Bank on 9/11 and Fox News showed clips? They only showed them for a few hours - their reporters were threatened.

11:25 AM  
Blogger Andy said...

Perfect, so the threat of violence by one group should "slant or distort new coverage?"

The choice is remove your reporters. But, be honest and tell us whats going on. Dont pick and choose becasue one group or another is threatening violence.

Isnt the news going to be "sanitized" toward Islam and challenges we facr/they face if we cannot reprt or discuss issues?

4:51 PM  

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