Thursday, February 16, 2006

Flying at 30,000 feet -- 3 hours into a trans Atlantic flight, I glance around at other passengers to see...

Most asleep, darkness, the glow of those TV screens on the backs of seats, after all it was probably 4am - and these travelers were weary, exhausted, and blankets out, reclined, pillows behind their heads......

Not me.

I had in the rotation LOUD on the Headphones - and thankfully, a few hours to actually enjoy.

* Rolling Stones -- 2002 Toronto Rehearsal
* Cream - Royal Albert Hall May 2005
* Steve Kimock -- 3-5-05 Burlington VT
* Grateful Dead -- 11-17-73 Pauley Pavilion, UCLA campus

How often is it that any of us get to do ALOT (in big chunks of time) things and activities we really love to do?

I guess as we get older it dwindles.

But, I cannot remember the last time I got to REALLY enjoy listening to, and getting heavy doses of something I love. (and listening to 4 complete performances in a row)

Traveling for work, on a flight I will typically have the laptop up, answering emails (so when I plug in, they all get fired off from my computer, and I get to respond to issues that did not get as much attention as they probably should have), catching up, or working on a proposal...but generally working.

Not last night, not for one nanosecond on Flight 17, did I work, or touch the laptop.

I'd like to take a moment to thank, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Steve Kimock, and Jerry Garcia...(do you see a common thread?) for making me smile, get in to a GREAT frame of mind, which I remain in, a few hours later...and allowing me to remain awake for the duration of the flight - and NEVER EVER get tired last
night, while all those around me were sleeping soundly.

All Architects.

Imagine, last night on Virgin Atlantic...2am -- my head bopping, getting up to dance in the aisles, (ok, a little Stella Artois to prime) -- complete silence, darkness, my BIG headphones on -- and sleeping business travelers all around...but, the architects keeping me, in bliss, and FEELING AWESOME, great energy eminating from seat 20c.

That's why music is so important to my soul, state of mind -- and path on the walk of my life.

It continues to amaze me, and I often think about it, (I certainly did this morning) -- how music plays SUCH a pivotal role in my existence....

"One watch by night, one watch by day
If you get confused, listen to the music play"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVE that you danced in the aisles!!! I wish we all had the courage to dance freely when inspired.

Keep on keepin' on, Andy. :)

~Jeannine Goren

3:21 PM  
Blogger AdelaidSoraparu said...

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3:29 AM  
Blogger AdelaidSoraparu said...

You rock, Andy! And I love that my main Kimock gal, J (who totally rocks, btw!) and I are the first & only commenters so far!

anywho, I will be doing the same thing during my transcontinental flight from SF to NY next week for Kimock with Porter and MardiGras Mexicali Madness! I certainly hope to see you in the house, and I imagine I will. We are all gonna have a good ol' time.

Yes, keep on rockin the Kasbah,
ps--i gotta get me one of these here blogs (ok i just did it--i've taken the plunge!) you inspired me. it's necessary and long overdue. i have WAY too much to say. one last thing for now...go Clapton & Trucks!

3:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On your next long flight grab the Springsteen Hammersmith Odeon concert from '75... it'll blow your hair back.

Great blog!

- Brian C.

8:43 AM  

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