Friday, February 24, 2006

Music and Investing....

I ask myself all the time, if I was hypothetically living in the Bay Area (SF) in 1964-1965, or in London in 1961 -- would I have been keen enough, to identify RAW talent at the time, and be in a position to HELP, as well as BE HELPED -- with either 2 groups. The Grateful Dead or The Rolling Stones?

Here is the question:

"Would I have put myself in a position to, in a earlier time with either band, to HAVE FUN with them, and financially benefit -- while HELPING THEM GET BIG?" Undoubtedly, they would have gotten huge on their own, but AHHHH the fun, the magical ride, the's hard to imagine, but something I think about often...THE JOURNEY OF GETTING THERE... )

I'll never have the answer, because it's past tense, and of course hypothetical.

I was NOT going to let that chance pass me by again.

In Feb of 2000, I was helping a few guys in the Tenderlion district, of San Francisco, open up the 1st office. (it was the rise of the craze and the only place that could be afforded was a run down old restaraunt, turn into a .com office.....)

I went with a fellow named Jack M, (great guy, and early employee of and we treked, to the Great American Music Hall to see a band named "Steve Kimock Band."

We had many drinks at a dive bar before the show, and Jack was MY GUEST, although he went becasue I prodded him....I thank him for joining me to this day.

I was mid- Feb 2000, (Feb 17-18) a run of I think 2 nights at the place, a venue that was made famous for me, by the 1975 comeback of the Grateful Dead after a "brief retirement.." The Dead played a run of classic shows there, that are amongst some of the best 1975 concerts.

Back to the Steve Kimock Band.

Jack was not that impressed by the music, the scene... he left after 3 songs....he "stumbled out..." ( I think Jack and coke?) I stayed, grooving by myself, in the back of the floor.

I was blown away.

Something inside of me had perished on August 9th 1995, the day I was driving in my car, and my wife called to tell me that Jerry Garcia had died. It was 11:04 am, I was listening to a song called, "Comes A Time.." = I was traveling north on the Garden State Parkway....

For 5 years, I was "musically homeless.."

Until that night of Feb 17. I was re-awakened, blown away, and stomped on my head, by a little guy - SHREDDING on guitar. He played tunes, I had never heard, but, I felt like I knew all the songs - I felt full of inspiration..and HOPE.

This touched my soul. I was passionate, full of energy, and walking on air -- as I left the concert hall that night.

Needless to say, I came back the next night...

I met many great people, from Larry N. (who sent me a batch of shows) to Mark W. and Brad B - who have been more than generous to me, in many ways.

I have also been lucky enough to replace my "lack of Grateful Dead" touring, with semi-annual trips around the country to see this band play -- and it keeps me looking forward to "getting on the road.."

This past summer it was Colorado, with 3 nights, from one night in Aspen, to the back country for 2 more shows. I got to fly fish with my buddy Kenny by day...and see the Steve Kimock Band at night.


I had originally titled this post, Music and Investing, and I'd like to leave it that way....

I will write more on how I came to produce THIS (click here) in the not too distant future --- I was Not going to let my regret, about MISSING the early days, and the meteroric jouney of the Grateful Dead, and The Rolling Stones happen again....(I referenced it in the 1st paragraph of this post)...
I know nothing about investing in music. Still do not.

But, producing the Steve Kimock DVD, was fun, exciting -- and something I'm super proud of...

It was NOT award winning, it's a bit dull - but, it was my 1st shot -- and my initial test of doing something on film. It will never get high praise, it will never win awards -- but many years from now.....I can show my grandchildren something I tried to do, with little to no background, and show my "risk taking side...." (while I puff out my chest, and tell them to be a bit improvisational, like I was in my early days...)

This leads me to tonight.

These guys are doing a webacast of a show on DIGITALSOUNDBOARD.NET (click here)

A bit about the show that will be streamed tonight, on YOUR computer.... at 9:30pm EST.

"This is a quick note to invite you to tune in at
Friday night (Feb. 24) for the live stream of Porter-Batiste-Stoltz with
special guest Steve Kimock from Mexicali Blues in Teaneck, NJ. We will cut
over from DigitalSoundboard Radio to the live stream from Mexicali at
around 9:30PM (EST).

More about the two night stand…

Most people are familiar with the initials PBS as an abbreviation for
Public Broadcasting System. Here PBS stands for the all-star power/funk
trio of Porter-Batiste-Stoltz. PBS is three uniquely talented musicians
forging the New Orleans sound into the 21st century. Bassist George Porter
Jr., drummer David Russell Batiste Jr.and guitarist Brian Stoltz bring to
the stage an explosive blend of Supersonic Funk.

Being three of the four funky Meters and all natives of New Orleans, they
continue their journey laying down deep-rooted grooves not meant for the
faint of heart. Porter-Batiste-Stoltz are well sought after throughout the
jam-nation and today continue to solidify their place in New Orleans as
well as the rest of the world's rich musical history."

If you like funk, a great GEETAR, and fun, check it out.

9:30pm tonight. Turn up your computer. They rock.

This is Part 1 of this series, more to follow on the "investing side" -- enjoy tonight's webcast...I will.


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