Tuesday, March 21, 2006

In a few short years.....

Met with a client today.

This client sells products to consumers and other businesses.

These are "HIGH TICKET/Considered Purchase Products for your home."

2 years ago they were spending on average $30,000 per month to advertise in the Yellow Page Book. (or approx. $360K per year)

The purpose of these Advertisements was to drive LEADS, or inbound calls, to their salespeople. (so that they can go out on appointments, and close deals)

Fast forward to TODAY.

You know how much they are spending with the Yellow Pages?


It's no secret, but this is the business that Google is gaining...at the expense of YP, Valpak, and magazines.

Here's the more important data.

Their average ORDER SIZE, ON LEADS THAT COME VIA THE WEBSITE, is over 2x that of their other marketing vehicles. (double size orders come from online vs. direct mail)



And, I shorted GOOGLE cause I think it's overvalued.

Maybe not.

This is why, Google, as it expands it's products, into other marketing vehicles --- needs to start to roll out, and use the PURCHASE INTENT PROFILES, it is sitting on, because of their vast amount of search data.....to TARGET BETTER.

When they do, watch out.


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