Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Rise of Search/Behavior ***

Creating Profiles based on "purchase intent.."

This company is taking the lead, and has been doing it in a way that is UNIQUE, and cutting edge for a while now.

The most compelling statistic for me, was that

"As people spend less than 5% of their online time searching and over 95%
of their time browsing 'other' ad supported content, most of which is sold
for low CPMs, there are more opportunities to show ads to people after they
searched based on their recently conducted searches.

. Advertisers will spend most of their advertising budgets with the company
that will have the largest number of purchase-intent profiles and the
largest number of opportunities to show ads to people based on those

This is the company that will dominate that.

I'm BULLISH on AlmondNet. Click HERE for their site.


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