Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Media Kits and Garbage...

"Please send me a copy of your media kit.."

"Let me have a look at your media kit, and I'll let you know if we should meet."

Those are typical responses when I have called, and asked for a prospect for a few minutes of their valuable time, to attempt to engage them, and start the sales process.

One problem.


Seth Godin over at this AWESOME BLOG, has a great piece on this.

It's titled, "What Do you Think of My Brochure?"

Brochure = Media Kit.

I'm proud to say I have NEVER EVER mailed a brochure, or a media kit to a prospect.


A short concise email, is what I follow up with. Impactful. Short, to the point. That's it. Asking them to spend 15 minutes with me. Time is valuable, and I WILL NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.

But if you are going to mail media are some tips from Seth.

Seth's quote,

" **overinvest in paper and design. Spend twice or even ten times more than you planned. If you can't afford to do that, don't have a brochure. Especially if your competition does.

**use less copy. Half as much.

**use testimonials. With photos. Short captions. It's hard to have too many of the good ones.

**make it funny enough or interesting enough or, hey, remarkable enough that people will want to show it to their friends.

**show, don't tell. Don't say you have a tranquil setting... I won't believe you.
and most important, make sure you leave several obvious things out... so that people need to talk to you.

Media kits, go directly into the garbage...(or if you are super lucky, they get placed on someone's desk, under some other useless pile, and then periodically, the desk gets cleaned and your media kit gets placed into a file drawer, with a manilla envelope labeled "media kits.." The "media kit" folder, with your companies information, will be found when the prospect either quits, or get fired, then it goes in the garbage...)

Work on a strong letter or email, in the place of a media kit.

Follow up diligently -- and with PASSION.

It works.

But, if you are going the route of mailing media kits....think again.

Here is Seth Godin Blog...Click HERE.