Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Election Day in Israel **

Today is a National Holiday in Israel. It is Election Day.

I may be the only American, hoping for a upset victory by Likud leader, Benjamin Netanyahu.

"Bibi"- as he is nicknamed, has been on the HAWKISH, side of the "peace process", since the beginning.

He has been a supporter of the term, "mutual movement." Meaning, no more concessions without tangible results, and results on promises from the Arab side.

I do not believe in the so called, peace process. Based on the fact, that compromise, and peaceful co-existence, are not in the culture, and the vernacular of the Palestinians.

It has never existed on the Arab side.


In 1993, Rabin shook hands with a mass murder, father of Arab terror, Yasir Arafat.

Since then, the Palestinians have accomplished, NOT ONE of their obligations...NOT ONE - of the farce called the "peace process."

Israel has relinquished land, which is tangible. The request, on the Israeli side, was for peace. Teach the children of the Palestianians peace, was the party line - and then, the kids will grow up in a culture of peace....

Suicide bombers became the most respected, revered, and "lofty group" in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The bombers images line the walls. The families of the bombers are held in the highest esteem. This is a CULTURAL ISSUE, and not one that any "peace process", can remedy.

The Arab's have unleashed repeated terror.

Iran and Hamas are at the border of Israel, on ALL Sides. Al-Qaeda is there as well.

Why bring them closer, and give up the West Bank without a negotiation?

The Blame game does not work. I call the Blame game when someone continually makes excuses, or deflects the real problem with a culture, or it's people.

Israel is a democracy. Before the "blame game" continues, until a real democracy emerges, there can NEVER be a real peace in the Middle East.

Bold Leadership has NEVER emerged on the Palestinian side.

Until now.

It's called Hamas.

This is why I support Likud, and Benjamin Netanyahu.



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