Monday, April 03, 2006


The Monday April 3, 2006 edition of the Wall St Journal has a piece called, "The Inside View"....

Its about Blogging, and it's under the title, "Employee blogs can put a human face on companies, but that's not always a good thing."

What really rang true with me, is the CORE reasons, and rationalities people go online and create a blog.

The reasons corporate executives blog range from, "putting a human face on a corporation", to, "blogs serve as a more personal and informal way to get their message out - and tout their products."

I was with a friend this weekend, he said..."Why are you blogging?"

My first instinct was to answer him, in a bit of a defensive nature - because I take for granted that people know, based on my writings thus far, why I have started this blog.

But, since you have read this far, let me discuss a bit why I'm blogging, and what I've feeblily attempted to accomplish.

First off, thanks for reading my writngs the last 3 months. I really do love watching my reader's and visitors interact with this site, and I truly value every time someone visits, goes deep into this blog, and MOST of all, leaves a comment.

A few reasons on, "Why I Blog."

1). I do not write well. This fact made me want to try to communicate with my writing skills. Jay Weintraub wrote about me, on his blog recently, "Andy's prose and use of the language must make his English teacher shudder.". Jay, is so right. But, if you can see beyond my conjunctions, and parsing of verses....I hope you find a message. Jay is linked on my blog, and as usual he is 110 percent correct in his assesment. In some weird way, I'm proud of it......

2) Improvisation - I love the fact that I want to build a readership on a "inconsistent theme.". That is, my valued readers never have a simliar concept, or topic when they visit. It changes daily, like a Jerry Garcia 16 minute jam on, "Dark Star" - it continually morphs into new and interesting places. My writing and ideas in some small way pick up on this broad, misunderstood trail. I love that, and I love that SOMEONE is weird enough, to be somewhat strange enough (or massively bored with their time) to actually read, and digest, my keyboard strikes.

3) I feel sorry for my wife. She is stuck with me, YOU ARE NOT. If life was a record player or turntable, at any given time I have 16 recordings spinning at the same time in my head. This simply means, my wife must deal with my insane, craziness --- of how I PROCESS LiFE. She has been kind enough for 13 years, to deal on a daily basis, with creative ideas on music, life, and the world at large.
I feel bad for her having to listen to my early stage ideas, world problems, and worst of all - making her endure THOUSANDS OF HOURS OF my music.
It was time to make some other folks suffer. This blog helps me widen the "sphere of disservice of ideas" I put her through.

4). Energy. I've got too much energy and passion for issues that are important to me. This is called focus to some, obssesive compulsive to others. Whatever it is, it makes me tick.

5). I love SALES. I love MESSAGING. I enjoy participating in success and winning. My corporate ideas, and thoughts stem from the fact that I've learned from the best in the INTERNET business, a company named, The people that I was lucky enough to hire, mentor and train, and surround myself with....all taught me many valuable lessons. I try to share some of those learnings on this blog.

8) The evolution of a incredible medium called the internet. I'm lucky enough for the past 7 years to have had a "box seat" at this incredible evolutionary show....and, its simply amazing, breathtaking, and stunning. Blogging provides the outlet to share this passion, as well as not burden my wife with new WEB 3.0 companies concepts.

11). Keeping myself sharp.
13) Communicating
15) Life

23). All of the above and more

25). Thanks.

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