Friday, April 14, 2006

Anyone Who is NOT listening ....

To THIS GUY, is just avoiding reality.

I cannot fathom people who just say, "peace, peace, peace - no war, war is bad..."

You need to LISTEN, and process what other's say.

Gone are the days of, "mutually assured destruction" - to keep people secure.
The US and USSR had that mentality keeping the "psycho balance", between the two superpowers, thus keeping World War at bay for 60 years.

That's gone, now that fanatical, religious extremism, is in the mix.

You see, this is a RELIGIOUS WAR for them.

All bets are off. The United Nations is powerless.

It is now a matter of time before President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is taught a very severe lesson. I just hope his fellow countrymen, see where he is leading them, before it's too late.

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"Any means necessary" - should be President Bush's new mantra, when dealing with Iran.

The President should be SELLING this to the American People on a DAILY BASIS...

If not, I'm afraid we will be dealing with a much more antagonistic problem with Iran, and nuclear blackmail, as well as global terror in the years ahead.


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