Monday, April 17, 2006

Suicide Bombing in Israel......

As of this writing, early reports, 6 dead. 35 severely wounded.

Hamas NOW needs to be punsihed.

If I was Prime Minister, here is the steps I would take immediately.

1) Complete lockdown of PA areas.

2) One mile buffer zone, between Israel border, and PA zone. No mans land. You are there, your shot.

3) One week NO electricity. ZERO. NONE. Israel should supply no power to a terrorist entity. Let them build their own powerplants.

This is a start.

And, its nothing compared to what I would do if it continues.

Before you feel bad for the innocent Palestinians.....think about the 6 dead this morning - eating their lunch, and the 35 wounded.....

Sent and blessed by the LEADERS, of the Palestinians.

If the Palestinians, choose this type of leadership - that's their choice.

But, let them SUFFER horribly for their support of terrorism.

ZERO tolerance for terrorism.

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