Saturday, April 22, 2006

Musical Mashup.

Last night at the Canal Room, in NYC - I attended a VERY intense, energetic and musical Mashup.

Defintion of a "mashup" --
"A *mashup* is a website or web application that seamlessly combines content
from more than one source into an integrated experience."

This was the Musical Version.

The 5pm session, included non other than Walter Cronkite, on Cowbells.

That's intense.

How many of you have seen Walter Cronkite, with cowbell in hand?

Here was the 5pm EVENT , (borrowed from a music list, thanks to the writer)

From last night - April 21,2006
The Setting: 5pm free show on Vanderbilt Ave next to Grand Central
The Bill: Mutaytor (about 15 of em) with special guests Mickey Hart & Baaba
The Surprise guests: Steve Kimock, Mike Gordon, Angelique Kidjo and . . .
Walter Cronkite (cowbell) - all for the whole set
In the Audience: John Barlow

The 45 min Set:
Supralingua-esque jam >
Voodoo Chile
Rhythmic Jam while belly dancer & male(?) hula hoop dancer perform
Not Fade Away


Then, the Canal Room starting at 8pm.

Kimock PERKINS Mathis Waldman
April 21, 2006
Canal Room
New York, NY

show booked as Kimock/Perkins
as part of the Green Apple Music & Arts Festival

Steve Kimock - Guitar
Stephen Perkins - Drums
Reed Mathis - Bass
Willie Waldman - Trumpet

with special guest Mickey Hart - Percussion set 2

This was intense. I have never seen Stephen Perkins, (drummer from Jane's Addiction) -- he is VERY VERY good.

Always good to see Mickey Hart, fiddling with his unique sounds. great to see him smoking a good stogey, playing his "percussionary instruments." GREAT to see this musical icon, and a player who provided me, and still does -- many a driving beat, and rhythym, behind Jerry Garcia.

The one constant for me: Mr. Stve Kimock. To my ears, by far -- the best guitarist playing today.

Always good to see him with different musicians, and cooking a different "stew."

This mashup was spicy and good.

Here are some PHOTO's courtesy of ROB.

Here is the Music from last night, on ETREE. (click here)



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