Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Life's Twists and Turns

My Favorite new TV show....

I have yet to see it.

The plot is still developing.

Rob Burnett is involved, he is Executive Producer.

Quote from the article, about the show --

"Mr. Jagger called at 2 a.m. "He was enthusiastic," Mr. Burnett said. "He asked all the right questions. How was the series going to build? Could the idea sustain? He seemed like a guy who cared a great deal about the quality of work he gets involved with."

Rob Burnett, Mick Jagger.

Oh man.

The story about it is HERE.

In life, never say never.

Can you imagine, if someone told Mick Jagger that when he was 63 years old, he'd be doing a ABC Sitcom. (say, 40 years ago?)

He would have laughed. I know he is a actor, and has played in many movies, but a SITCOM, on a American network?

Seems funny, but I see a funny twist about, "life's twists and turns.."

First off, never say NEVER.

I went to a funeral last week. A man in his 70's passed away. It was VERY SAD. The saddest part was the past 15 years, he did not speak to his only son.

They had a fight.

They stopped speaking.

The father never met his son's children . The son has 2 handsome boys, aged 12, and 7. HIS GRANDCHILDREN.

The boys never met their grandfather.

This is the only time when, NEVER MEANS NEVER.

I learned a valuable lesson at this funeral. Not sure precisely what it was, but I did learn something. The something had to do with, we "don't know what confronts us, in the years ahead, or decisions we will be faced with."

The finality of death, and the decisions that WERE NOT made in life, (healing his relationship with his son) caused this to be a painful ending to, "life's twist and turn."

Mick Jagger in 1970, had no idea he would still be the "tops" in touring, have a top 10 album on the charts, and be a SITCOM star --- at age 63, 36 years later.

My friends father had no idea, he would never get to repair a relationship, meet his grandchildren, and hug his son again.

He put off decisions, thus now, SOLIDYFYING the word, NEVER.

I guess, the bottom line is we never know what lies ahead, while we are lucky enough, to have the choices, make decisions...... and are still alive.

One thing we do know that awaits us, is death -- and then all bets are off, and it is too late.

Mick Jagger amazes me with his many talents, and passion for what he does. That's why I love hearing about his new ventures.

I'm sorry for my friend's family, and their pain.

Two opposite ends of a broad spectrum, about choices, opportunities, and most of all - making the most (or least) of, "life's twists and turns.."



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