Sunday, April 23, 2006

Accepting the Importance of Email as a Major Component of Business.

The lack of attention paid to email communication is staggering.

Companies are ignoring a MAJOR trend.

I mean MAJOR.

They acknowledge it, with huge infrastructure set ups, servers, and HR rules around email. They backup their systems, they have server farms, huge databases...and much more.

But, do they realize HOW email has transformed "client contact" - as well as, "management of employees?"

Client Contact:

Prior to 1995 there were a few major ways of dealing with, and communicating with clients, and prospects. These were primarily: (but not limited to)
in person contact, phone, fax, handwritten letters.

That was it.

Client contact has moved since 1996 to, EMAIL.

Think about how much your company/organization has utilized email, and most importantly -- without even acknowledging it -- REPLACED IT AS THE PRIMARY CONTACT TOOL TO THE OUTSIDE WORLD.

Here is the amazing part.

When was the last time, or, better yet -- just acknowledged by your organzation, and shared -- BEST PRACTICES FOR SELLING, and COMMUNICATING OVER EMAIL?

Not, powerpoint presentations or marketing materials. That is not email communication -- that just using email to SEND your brochure to prospects.

But explicit acceptance that email (and by extension Instant Message) -- have become the PRIMARY TOOL IN DEALING WITH PROSPECTS/CLIENTS/VENDORS?

I believe companies need to pay more attention in both accepting and training, their employees, and discussing how -- EMAIL plays a critical part in the success, and growth of the organization.

What are the best practices for email communication in your company?

Wins? Losses?

What are the best ways to engage, create value, and convince, a prospect that your company has value?

You see, email has become the BEGINNING, of most EVERY SALES cycle. This needs to be accepted.

Not only the beginning - but the PRIMARY, ongoing dialogue tool, in 2006 - when dealing with folks -- "outside of your companies walls."

Management of Employees:

The management of employees over email is truly astonishing.

Email has really replaced any other means of communication, when dealing with

* accountability of employees
* project mangagement
* sharing of ideas
* social interaction between manager and direct report

This is a HUGE deal.

The endless threads. People CC'd, the constant thread that NEVER quits.

I cannot tell you, (and this has bothered me greatly) - -that until recently, I really had no idea, or could not grasp the fact that:


Gone are the days, of staff meetings. Daily one on ones. Memo's.

Replaced with email threads, and "high importance" emails.

Email training.

It is a requirement for any organization that wants to GROW, and succeed in 2006 and beyond.


Blogger Rob said...

Great post Andy - esp. the comment about sending attachments. It's just like internet advertising, the email is the banner - If you don't get a person to click on the attachment you've lost the value of the impression.

10:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I attached a menu from Juicy Lucy's Steak House to my last mass e-mail. Now no one can get in...

5:47 PM  

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