Monday, September 11, 2006

Sept 11, 2006....

I worked in a office about 8 blocks north of the WTC.

The 1st plane shook our office as it flew over our building. We ran to the window, to see, and we watched the second plane fly in.

I thought the 2nd plane (to fly into the building) was a "emergency plane" or a military plane -- but then, it banked and flew directly into the Tower #2.

My collegues can attest, before the 2nd plane hit, I told my co-workers that this was a act of terror, by Osama Bin Laden.

It was clear to me.

Rob Deichert has a post today on 9-11, from his perspective....(I was on the phone with Rob watching people jump, when the 2nd plane hit) - click HERE for Rob Deicherts Blog.

We ran to the car,which was parked on Lafayette -- and then proceeded to pile 4 of my friends in the car, and had to then drive to Steph's apt to get her dog. (she lived 2 blocks from the Unitred Nations which was becoming difficult to navigate, as garbage trucks started blocking intersections to prevent car bombs)

I asked everyone to keep the windows in the car closed. I thought there was a potential that it was a gas attack. It was 84 degrees, and hot in the car -- but, who knew what was happening?

The buildings were burning, the sky was ablaze, and as we drove north, AWAY from downtown, it seemed the entire inhabitants of Manhattan, were in a mass exodus along with us. The look on people's face. The empty glaze, innocence, and bewilderment on everyones face.

Bridges and Tunnels were closed.

We proceeded to get on the FDR, and somehow managed to race up, to the one crossing that was open.

The Tappan Zee Bridge.

We listened to Howard Stern (on 92.3) who had the BEST COVERAGE in the media. We were listening to him, as we watched the tower fall sitting on the East Side of Manhattan in traffic. (I watched the Sept 11, 2001 show on Howard TV last night, and it was INCREDIBLE)

We made it home after a long journey.

We lost friends.

Going back to life, and work in NYC was surreal.

I end here, but I tell you that the story of 9-11-01, should be taught in schools to EACH AND EVERY student in the United States. A honest story of evil, terror, and those twisted religious values, bent on killing innocent people. Not the PC version.

Fred Wilson directed me to the Google Video Sept 11th video page. It is REALLY GOOD. Fred's take is HERE.

My thoughts and prayers today go to the families of all those lost on Sept 11, 2001.

I will be driving into Manhattan this morning, listening to the Howard Stern replay of what I listened to on the morning of Sept 11th at 8:50am.

A morning we will all never forget.


Blogger Rob said...

Agreed we should never for get this ever.

Too many people are say, "We deserved it."

Nobody, repeat NOBODY - that died that day deserved it

8:55 AM  

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