Wednesday, September 06, 2006

First Day of Kindergarten.....

My kids have their first day of school today.

They woke up (twin girls) all excited, clothes laid out, made their beds...(which is a rarity) -- and came down in a GREAT MOOD.

I'm not sure how I feel about my ladies starting school. It's a mixture of happiness, coupled with a realization that all parents face.

"The Babies are not Babies anymore."

I feel as though a big part of our lives just walked out the door, (backpack in tow) to experience .... LIFE.

Not sure that I AM ready for that, let alone them.
I brace myself, and remember fondly, Ms. Dicenzo my Kindergarten teacher from Lawrence Brook School. She was awesome.
I'm smiling, with the hopes that my childrens teacher imparts the same 5 year old wisdom that Ms. Dicenzo did on me.


Blogger Doodles said...

They are beautiful!! I am sure you are very anxious to see how their day went...

3:13 PM  

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