Thursday, September 28, 2006

Rolling Stones 9/27/06 Giants Stadium.

I love the Rolling Stones. The talent, the history and the charm of seeing a GREAT band, gets me pumped to go to a show.

Last night I was excited, as I bought my tickets the day they went on sale, (presale) through Ticketmaster.

Floor Seats were $450.00, so I passed on those, opting to be in Sec 130, or off the floor....those seats were a respectable (cough) $175.

I purchased those tickets as "Best Available" within 5 minutes of them coming on sale.

WE WERE IN THE LAST ROW OF SEC 130 UNDER THE OVERHANG, AND THE SOUND WAS MUFFLED AND HORRENDOUS. Imagine, my horror as soon as we went down the steps, and for the 1st time I looked at the tickets -- and they said Row 40......the last row of the section, where you cannot hear ANYTHING?

Now, you might say - "Andy, that is your fault for not checking thoroughly enough to see what row you were buying."

You would be correct.

However, I bought my tickets with a wireless handheld, (Blackberry) so, I did not have full site access. (my fault)

And, I purchased the tickets on a pre-sale, within 5 minutes of the release.

As soon as we got to our seats....I wanted to go home.

Sorry for the rant, but I really dislike the people that were seated in front of me, BOUGHT THEIR TICKETS 4 DAYS AG0 ---and they were in Row 39.

So, I ask -- "how does Ticketmaster move their inventory, and is their some collusion against fans that, THEY KNOW WILL PURCHASE TICKETS THE MOMENT THEY COME ON SALE WITH LITTLE REGARD FOR PLACEMENT IN A GIVEN SECTION?"

Do they save better seats for the consumers, "on the fence" who are just thinking about going as the concert approaches, but are not hardcore fans?

I believe that something fishy is going on with Ticketmaster and their practices, when I am in the DEAD last row of a section, (under the BEST AVAILABLE mantra) within 300 seconds of them going on sale -- and people who bought within the last few days are closer than we were.

Honestly, we had a good time with our friends......but Ticketmaster ruined my evening.

The Rolling Stones
Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ, USA
Wednesday September 27, 2006
The set list

It's Only Rock'n Roll
Live With Me
Monkey Man
Far Away Eyes
Streets Of Love
Just My Imagination
Midnight Rambler
Tumbling Dice
--- Introductions
You Got The Silver (Keith)
Little T&A (Keith)
Under My Thumb (to B-stage)
Rough Justice
Start Me Up
Honky Tonk Women (to main stage)
Sympathy For The Devil
Jumping Jack Flash
Brown Sugar (encore)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

very true you could have gotten floor tickets yesterday. this is tickmaster's way of enticing the the undecided fans the last minute

10:22 AM  
Blogger Rob said...

I believe they do this to hamper scalpers.

3:13 PM  
Blogger Rob said...

Interesting blog post on Ticketmaster

3:19 PM  

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