Thursday, September 21, 2006

YouTube's Value.

YouTube is in the NY Post Today.

"September 21, 2006 -- INTERNET upstart YouTube, the bane-du-jour of copyright holders everywhere, won't sell itself for anything less than $1.5 billion, The Post has learned."

Those that use YOUTUBE love the product and service they have built the past 1.5 years.

I use it, and if you are a regular reader on this blog - you have seen my video links, which are all from YouTube's service.

I love their product. I'm a BIG FAN of Youtube.


Naysayers talk about copyright.

Naysayers talk about content ownership.

I remember when I started selling banners and internet advertising, people would say...

"Those banners and pop ups and so annoying. I never click on those damn things."

My answer was, "one day you will."

Fact is, the Internet Advertising business has grown tremendously over the past 7 years, because, PEOPLE ACTUALLY DO CLICK, AND BUY FROM THOSE ADVERTISEMENTS ON WEBSITES.

It works.

Guess what?

Those same people that doubted internet advertising as a viable medium to further their brand, generate results -- and win in their space -- ARE THE SAME EXECUTIVES AND KNOW IT ALL'S, BASHING YOUTUBE - and their so called, "issues."

Good piece on the value of YouTube in the NY Post.

YouTube is worth MORE than it's current value.


Companies built like.......

My company is focused on helping Social Media Providers (Like YouTube) monetize, segment, and target their inventory, MORE OPTIMALLY, so that ADVERTISERS will to be able to drive better ROI for the media on the SMP's.

Lotame will help add to the bottom line of sites like Youtube --
"YouTube's stated business model is to "pursue advertising.""

Lotame works with publishers to help them monetize their inventory -- thus, increasing their market value....

Rock on.


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