Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Whether you like him or not.....

President George Bush gave a GREAT speech today at the UN.

He calls out "extremism, and lunatics."

The Video is worth watching -- as it pertains to your future.

I'm hoping at this time next year, when he looks out over this group - IRAN will not have the capability to make weapons grade plutonium.

The video of his speech is HERE.

"Today, I'd like to speak directly to the people across the broader Middle East: My country desires peace. Extremists in your midst spread propaganda claiming that the West is engaged in a war against Islam. This propaganda is false, and its purpose is to confuse you and justify acts of terror. We respect Islam, but we will protect our people from those who pervert Islam to sow death and destruction. Our goal is to help you build a more tolerant and hopeful society that honors people of all faiths and promote the peace. "

Watch it, it is VERY good.


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