Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Trend Or a Blip.....

My friend, Jeff Burak poses a interesting question, and I ask you to think about it....

Just finishing up my day, roaming the internet to supposedly understand what is going on in this world. This Foley story is nuts and getting nuttier; this Amish school massacre is maddening; what is going on? Is this news coverage self-fulfilling prophecy just linking unrelated events or is it a real trend of note? I did notice a common theme though. Grown men acting out, in response to something that happened in their childhood or distant past. A molester murders young girls. A molestee makes sexual advances toward young men. What the hell is going on? Oh, and there is more. The Molestee who is a democratically elected Republican was in fact molested by a catholic priest. Oh man. Is this a game where you get points for incorporating a certain number of real events into a single story? He or she with the highest score wins. Someone, please, explain this. Is this indicative of the trend for the human condition?


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