Monday, October 09, 2006

The Steady Hand of Change....

As much as we all would like many things never to change, we are constantly confronted with tremendous change.

The web is changing.

Socialized Media is more dominant.

It is becoming more prevelant for people who are older, more mature -- and frankly, represent the precise eyeballs that advertisers want to reach.


NEW YORK As top social networking sites mature and become more popular, their visitor age profiles are also on the rise. More than 50 percent of all MySpace users are now over the age of 35, according to ComScore Media Metrix.

That represents a sharp increase from 39 percent over 35 a year ago. The increase came at the expense of 12-17 year olds, whose attendance on the most popular social networking site was halved to 12 percent.

The botton line of this story -- is that change in the online media and consumption world is quickly colliding with SOCIALIZED content and distribution.

Shopping experiences online will become "socialized transactions."

Music distribution online will become more "social friendly."

Advertising will be MORE targeted, and instead of content targeting -- you will see -- Social Targeting.

What does this all mean?

The Steady Hand of constant change is rapidly happening around us......and many forces, HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO DEAL WITH IT.

"The smoothest executive: CBS Corp. CEO Leslie Moonves. Years of coping with inflated Hollywood egos have made him a natural at the investor schmooze. He sweeps away worries about Web videos threat, confidently declaring that were looking at the Internet as our friend, one that will strengthen CBS by allowing more-flexible distribution of programming, rather than simply cannibalizing CBS network and far more important its TV stations.

Moonves exudes so much confidence that you almost forget that CBS revenues and operating cash flow are expected to increase less than 2% this year. Or that the CBS networks ratings actually fell 5% last season. Or that the future of CBS radio and billboard units is far from riveting."

Big players in the content world are VERY slow to embrace this rapid change.

They will pay a steep price....and it may even cost them their companies in the process...


Blogger brian said...

Looks like Moonves is starting to change his tune...from an article about youtube's agreement with them today:
"We're now able to offer select entertainment, news and sports programming to a new significant audience, get paid for it, and learn a few things along the way," said Leslie Moonves, president and chief executive of CBS.

11:37 AM  

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