Tuesday, November 14, 2006

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Web2.0 Publishers Now Have New Value Proposition for Advertisers with the Next Generation of Ad Targeting and Yield Management Technology

Lotame™ Crowd Control Brings Web2.0 and Social Network Specific Targeting
Technology to the Market

COLUMBIA, MD. (November 14, 2006) – Lotame™, an Internet marketing and technology company, focused on lifting the value of social network media for publishers and advertisers, today announced the introduction of Lotame™ Crowd Control, the industry’s first targeting and optimization software built solely for Web2.0 social media publishers.

Traditional systems have struggled to keep up with the ever-changing environment of Internet media, as well as the growing world of consumer-generated content. Lotame™ has engineered its technology to specifically drive results for publishers and advertisers across Web2.0 media.

Founded by Andy Monfried, Lotame™ has tapped the industry’s best talent, bringing on Devin Rust and Jeremy Pinkham, both Advertising.com veterans, to build the next generation of online ad targeting technology. On the heels of raising seven figures of venture capital investments, Lotame™ is well-poised to take the social network inventory space by storm. Using powerful targeting and optimization tools, Lotame™ Crowd Control allows social networks to increase their value proposition as the space becomes more complex and dense.

Lotame™ Crowd Control utilizes the rich member data that is unique to social networks and consumer-generated content to better identify marketing opportunities and enable publishers to enhance their ability to target ads. Using this new technology, publishers will now be able to target specific members and niche audiences that have not yet been realized by traditional targeting technologies to increase returns and provide improved qualitative results for advertisers.

“As social networks continue to expand and warehouse an ever-growing amount of member data, Lotame™ set out to identify and establish new audience segments to allow advertisers increased penetration and improved targeting inside Web2.0 media. Our goal was to build the next generation of ad targeting technology, specifically for Web2.0 and social network platforms, whose members are estimated to account for as much as 20% of all Web impressions,” commented Andy Monfried, president and CEO of Lotame™. “With the introduction of Lotame™ Crowd Control, publishers will quickly increase revenue per member and promote advertiser acceptance of Web2.0 and social networks as a viable and profitable space.”

Using proprietary technology to collect behavioral and social data to identify specific actionable audiences, Lotame™ Crowd Control pinpoints groups using tracked social behavior and member profiles to predict increased likeliness of ad response. Specifically, Lotame™ Crowd Control will allow publishers to better direct campaigns to specifically targeted demographics, in addition to providing advertisers comfort in the knowledge that their ad spend is being efficiently allocated and directed.

“Lotame™ Crowd Control’s core technology, as well as its reporting and analytic tools for Web2.0 and social networks, provides the data collection, discovery and measurement of member audiences that are actionable and sellable,” said Devin Rust, Lotame™ chief technology officer. “Lotame™ Crowd Control offers a scalable marketing strategy and technology system to handle the volume and uniqueness of Web2.0. Using our technology will allow social media providers to improve the quality of their ad targeting for branded, as well as performance-based, campaigns.”

About Lotame™ (www.lotame.com)
Lotame™, based in Columbia, Maryland, serves publishers and advertisers looking to drive results from the media of Web 2.0. Its ad targeting technology includes an optimization tool that enables a Web2.0, or social network publisher, to automatically discover member communities and member social profiles that respond well to specific ad campaigns, for more efficient targeting.

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